Mallett Near
                  Vision Unit

Near Vision Unit
(product code: NVU)

  • Sometimes called Mallett unit
  • Rechargeable, and comes with plug-in Adapter
  • Able to stand upright on desktop
  • Retractable measuring tape built into the unit
  • Tests include: fixation disparity, foveal suppression, binocular balance, NPC, stereopsis
  • Polarised test for arc & suppression in strabismus
  • Polarised bichromatic test
  • Measurement of monocular amplitude of accommodation under binocular conditions
  • Tangent scale & spotlight, N5-N12 Times reading fonts
  • Dominant-eye & accommodation convergence relationship test
  • Visual acuity charts (both letter & E) in decimal notation
  • Unit is supplied with polarisation set at 90/180 (most common in the UK)
  • Made in the UK

Polarised Visor 90/180
(product code: PV90180 )29

Wall Bracket for Near Vision Unit (product code: WBNVU) 69

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