tv magnifier

Digital TV magnifier - Reading Aid
(product code: DTVM)

A simple hand-held digital reading aid designed for people with low vision. The size of a computer mouse, it connects directly to any TV with video input (cable supplied), allowing you to read newspapers, magazines, recipe cards and even medicine labels easily.

Viewing modes: full colour, black/white, reverse-contrast (e.g. white text on black background, helpful for AMD)
. Zoom in/out digitally
. Magnification (on 20 monitor): 20x (up to 70x digitally)
. Freeze-frame current image button

Comes with TV cable, power supply and instructions. Simply plug and play, very easy to use.

One = 39+VAT

5 = 180+VAT (36+VAT each)

In stock. Delivery within 2 to 5 working days.